Marissa Lingen

About Me

Marissa Lingen writes for all ages. She has published more than two hundred works of short science fiction and fantasy in a variety of magazines and anthologies across the field and around the world. Her work has been translated into five languages and has appeared in numerous "Year's Best" publications. Some of it is also available in audio/podcast form. Her long form work is represented by Kurestin Armada of Root Literary.

Marissa lives on some of the oldest bedrock in North America, near the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. She enjoys the warmth and breadth of the Twin Cities arts community and its opportunities to enjoy the work of others as well as to do readings and teach workshops herself. (Her newsletter is the best source for updates on this.)

Marissa loves trees, dogs, herbal teas, apples, Moomins, and the full assortment of other required writerly quirks. She abandoned nuclear physics for the purposes of employment, not for the purposes of affection. Interests and hobbies do not include the writing of biographical statements, and yet here we are.