The Stuff We Don’t Do

Here is my latest Nature (Physics) Futures short, The Stuff We Don’t Do. It’s also available as a podcast. Go, read or listen, enjoy.

I’m pretty proud of this one. My inner angry 16-year-old is right about things sometimes. Thanks to Timprov for being the most local and immediate of the three positive inspirations for this story. Bonus points to anyone who can spot the other two–or, for that matter, the most notable of the negative inspirations.

6 thoughts on “The Stuff We Don’t Do

  1. I liked it, I really did. 🙂 The tone of the letter was great and very believable, the information was placed throughout the text in a way that neither intruded nor bogged the story down, and honestly, I love Irene. What a smart, angry, devious girl! Everyone’s had times in their life when they really needed another person to be there–and I’m so happy that Irene was able to be that person, even for the one person who really should have been teaching her how to properly use the time machine! If this were in a magazine, I’d happily buy it. Great work!

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