In Which Shiny Paper Figures Prominently

16 November 2004

Busy day today. Lunch with Curtis, dinner with Hannah and I think Stella and Roo and possibly also Hannah's sister. None of that is certain yet. All that's certain is the chili. Mmmmm, certain chili.

In between that social butterflying, there is the house to see to, and the laundry, and the book, and possibly the other book, and the bit of contract work mopping up that should have come my way about ten months ago, but whatever, we deal with what we get and not what we want.

So here's the thing today: if you want a Christmas card, please do let me know where to send it. (Family members and old friends who have not moved are exempt from this request.) If you want to send me a Christmas card, please let me know so that I can send you my address. One is not necessarily tied to the other if you don't want it to be. Okay? Okay.

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