In Which Our Heroine Returns, With Randomness

15 November 2004

Aside from twelve hours of car time, it was a pretty stress-free weekend. We had no events of note -- the closest thing we had to a schedule was having brunch with my aunt Kathy and uncle Bill, which is not exactly a formal event. We accomplished two things I can think of: establishing what I don't have to bake for Christmas cookies (because Mom or Grandma will be) and looking for Christmas presents. Extremely strenuous, that. Had to have a sit down and a frozen brownie afterwards to get my strength back. And the hot tub beforehand certainly helped.

It's occasionally good to have a few days when no one expects you to accomplish anything in particular, notably yourself.

I'm trying to get things together for Hannah's dinner visit tomorrow. It's not much -- I'm not doing anything fancy, just a couple kinds of chili and some cornbread -- but the house could use a bit of cleaning. And the laundry, oh, there is laundry. (Not that that has to be done by the time Hannah gets here. But still, there it is, lurking in the laundry room. Ominously lurking.)

I'm reading Dorothy Dunnett's Queens' Play and liking it as well as I liked The Game of Kings. It's probably a good thing there are other books in my queue, though, because I'm not really sure what it would do to my brain to read the whole series straight through without stopping. Something odd at the very least.

My mouse is misbehaving again/still, so I'm borrowing one of Mark's optical mice until we can get around to buying me one.

I think I'm about to get into truly random sets of observations now, so it's probably time to accomplish something.

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