In Which--Surprise!--There's More Reading

8 November 2004

Plan for the day: more baking. Chicken soup, because everyone around here is Not Sick, as opposed to just being not sick, which would be fine. Finishing "Even Without Deceit," working on book edits, reading for contract work. That's the plan.

I finished reading Tamora Pierce's Trickster's Choice, which didn't really work very well for me at all. It wasn't bad enough that I'll skip the rest of the series, though, in part because I want to know how much of what I disliked was deliberate world-building on her part. It really seemed like she piled on a million and one solutions to the Problem Of Parents, though.

Then this morning I read Bill Brittain's Devil's Donkey for contract work. Hated it. Thought it was lame and preachy. Am now reading Brittain's Shape-Changer, which is not as preachy so far but still lame. I have one more Brittain on my list to read before I'm done with this batch. I'll probably do it today just to get it out of the way. I'm not keen, but it's a good day for my work to involve reading, I think, instead of quite so much time hunching over a manuscript or keyboard. And there'll be plenty of that anyway, to be sure. So. To it.

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