In Which Our Heroine Reads, Mostly

7 November 2004

I did not finish the rock sprite story. I made lots of conceptual progress on it, though, and I think it's much cooler than it otherwise would have been, though also a little weirder maybe. I switched over to "Even Without Deceit," and I have one scene left on that. Today is my day off, so that last scene will have to wait for tomorrow.

I finished Carpe Diem yesterday, and was not impressed with the ending. I think the whole thing omnibus felt a bit like backstory for characters I was already supposed to care about. It was entertaining enough, but I'm unlikely to seek out the rest of the series. I started reading Tamora Pierce's Trickster's Choice, which is exactly the book I wanted when I was 11 -- Alanna's daughter! Who takes after her father in some key ways! And runs about foreign islands having adventures! It turns out that I am no longer 11, but I'm still enjoying this book somewhat. There are a few things I don't really buy about familiar characters' adult reactions -- it seems especially inconsistent for these characters to extensively train a daughter in a profession they don't want her to practice -- but it's still good fun to go on in this world.

I'm hoping to get some baking done today -- more of the apple bread, maybe. That'd be good. And there'll be laundry, and there'll be stuff that isn't on the list at all.

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