Novel Synopses

The synopses of my completed novels are linked below. Please note that a synopsis is not the same as a book jacket-type blurb: it will give away the endings to these books. Synopses are supposed to do this. If you don't want to know how it all ends, do not read the synopsis. Write to me and ask me to tell you about my novels. I'll gladly do it, and if enough people ask me, I may put up some kind of book-jacket style copy.

Also, I am not in any way a pro at synopsis writing. If you are such a pro or if you just have some critiques of the way I've done mine, please write and let me know. Comments are quite welcome here. I'm still looking for publishers and an agent, and anything that makes the search easier sounds fine by me.

Synopsis of Fortress of Thorns. This is a YA fantasy novel.

Synopsis of The Grey Road, sequel to Fortress of Thorns. Also a YA fantasy novel.

Synopsis of Reprogramming. A science fiction novel for grown-ups.

Synopsis of The World Builders. A YA SF novel. I wrote this one rather unexpectedly, from outline to polished book in three weeks. Hee. Um. I could do that again, I think. But not soon, for the sake of my health and my sanity (to say nothing of my family's health and sanity).