At Sterling Vineyards, they had a tram ride up to the main buildings, and their tasting room had a lovely fire and tables where you could sit and just have wines brought. (There, I tasted.)

Up the hill in the tram car.

Timprov and Amber.

Mark and me. Mark is not fond of heights or tram rides, but he made it just fine.

He's also unfond of getting rained on and forgot his umbrella, so Timprov and Amber and I went to look at the view more closely, and Mark took pictures from under the overhang.

(Why do Californians not understand the concept of a covered walkway? They had covered walkways that were latticed and open on the top. With no grapevines. In a vineyard. They just don't get it.)

We shopped in Saint Helena and had good food at Greystone, and then the next day Liz arrived.