(At this point, our camera got passed to someone else in the Crowd. Not sure who, but I thank them. Beth? Maybe?)

Scott waits by himself. Videographer in the background, but he doesn't really count as company up there.

This is kind of a special picture for me, because it's the last one of its kind. Scott, Ed, and Mark have been in each other's weddings, all three in all three. This was the last time they stood up there in tuxes while one of them made it permanent with a woman he loved. That's the kind of continuity that makes me secretly misty-eyed.

Perhaps not so secretly any more, since I'm saying it on the internet and mailing the link to everybody even remotely involved....

Nissa, me, Cathy, and Becky, right before Michelle comes in.

When I got married, I found that people constantly asked me about "my girls," meaning my bridesmaids. I would not have thought to apply the term to them. But I applied it in reverse here. I felt kinship with Cathy and Nissa standing on either side of me, even though I'd met Nissa Thursday night and Cathy Friday morning, because that was our girl coming up the aisle at us all sparkly and pretty. Because I got to be part of a group of people who love her just so very much. We had things in common and things to talk about on our own, aside from Michelle, but what we really had in common is that I could trust these other women to be my best girl friend's best girl friends.

I don't spend that much time with other women, or didn't until recently. It doesn't make any difference whatsoever, except when it does.

(Look, if I have to comment on this bit, it's just going to get sappier and sappier, so look at the pretty pictures, all right?)

I got to walk with Mark. That's Mike (Scott's high school friend) behind us. (It got confusing, because their friend Kevin looked like our friend Mike, and their friend Mike didn't.)

Done with the really formal bits -- into the convertible and on to the reception.