We still had a bit of preparation to do:

Michelle's sister Ashley (who was, in case I forgot to say, her Maid of Honor), helped her with special jewelry from her family and Scott's.

I did not wail, "oh, sweetie, you look just like a bride!" at this point. In fact, all wailing was put off until the reception. Aren't you proud of me? (I think she was prouder of the wailing, but never mind that.)

Scott's friend Mike from high school (one of his groomsmen) and his dad, Marty, who is Scott plus thirty years. Seriously. It was half really awesome (because, y'know, I kind of like Scott to begin with) and half really terrifying (because, well, two of him!).

Cathy pins a bouttoniere on Kevin, a friend of hers and Michelle's and Scott's from grad school, an usher, and also probably three or four other salient points I'm forgetting.

Nissa and me. I'm not sure what was up for discussion there. See the long gloves? Those made me feel like a supervillain. A very formal supervillain. Perhaps a supervillain on her night out.

Scott's brother and best man, Pat, with someone I don't know, on the steps of the church.

In college, I ended up with a series of photos in which Ed looked ready to kill me. He really doesn't look ready to kill me that often, as a percentage of the ways he looks at me. Actually, he mostly looks amused at me, in part because it amuses me to see if I can still make Ed look that way. But we add to the "angry Ed" pictures here. Also pictured: Jen and Spande 2.2. (Spande 2.1, a.k.a. Elena, was with her doting auntie for the ceremony. She is adorable and smart and lovey. She will make an excellent big sister.)

Becky, Cathy, and Nissa have a snack before the ceremony. Has everybody heard horror stories of bridesmaids passing out and smacking their heads on the altar rail by now? We had. We were quite willing to snack.

Michelle with Sheryl, one of her personal attendants.

Actual vows, next.