We were bumping along down I-80 going the speed limit or so when a guy pulled us over to let us know our tire was forming a balloon.

A big balloon. We're not even sure how it managed not to blow. We were very, very lucky.

So we waited in Cozad until the guy could get there to fix the tire, and then again until he could come back from a town 15 miles away with another jack.

If you need to find anything in the Cozad Amoco, let me know. I have the layout memorized by now.

The people there were extremely nice. And the gas, you will notice, was muuuuuuch cheaper than in California.

We got to the folks' late and had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's late. We were all so tired, I didn't take pictures of our tirediness, because I was pretty sure no one would thank me for it. But Grandma outdid herself with dinner, and then we had Wheatfield's breakfast in the morning, and then we were ready to head up.


We've been settling in....