We headed out in the morning and drove the hour and a little bit across the salt flats into Salt Lake City, for the Perkins they claimed was the furthest west. In fact, there is one farther west in the north somewhere, but on I-80, this is the first Perkins from the Pacific. It wasn't even like a real Perkins: you had to order at the counter. So we ordered at the counter. The muffins were still good.

Timprov headed out while Ceej and I were still getting ourselves ready to go, so we tried to take the picture ourselves.

Yay, peach muffins!

We met up with Timprov at a rest stop in Wyoming. We made so much better time that we figured we could make it to Fort Collins for dinner with Jen and Craig.

So on we drove through the wilds of Wyoming, and round about the Colorado border we got a cell signal. Called Jen and asked what they were doing, and they were pleased to go out for dinner with us. We had not met Craig yet.

We liked Craig. And it was his birthday, so we had happy birthdayness with Craig at a brewery in old town Fort Collins.

In the morning, Jen took us to Lucille's, which was grand. And we see why she likes it there: they have an enthusiasm for coffee. That was more mocha than C.J. had bargained for.

There's me and Ceej with Jen. We hung out a lot their senior year. We also hung out with Christopher, but he isn't so much with returning e-mails or phone calls or anything at this point. Silly Christopher.

And then there was Cozad.