After we left the Tower of London (scones in the cafeteria!), we got on the boat to go down the Thames to the Houses of Parliament.

Our tour guide reliably informed us that these are London's tribute to pizza and to pickles, respectively.

Leaving the Tower....

We particularly liked the fish on the fishmarket.

And we could see some of the stuff we'd seen before from a different angle.

No longer a bridge.

Heddon House

Guardians gazing instead

Me and the replica Globe Theater. Sort of. It's back there, I swear.

One suspects the camera might not have been optimal for this trip.

London Eye and Aquarium.

And there we were, about to land at the Houses of Parliament, but they swung around so we'd get multiple views. The boat people weren't actually paid to be tour guides. They did a great job anyway.

Last page of Monday, I swear.