Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo has passed up the San Diego Zoo in most national rankings to be the best zoo in the country. We think that's pretty cool. They're very focused on building habitats rather than just pens, and on breeding animals that are scarce in the wild.

This is the new dome they're building for the desert habitat.

They've got the world's largest indoor rainforest habitat, wherein many interesting things can be seen.

Including tapirs.

And more tapirs.

Timprov has a story about tapirs that I would like him to finish writing, because it's really cool. So I took pictures of tapirs for him.

There's a big, cool aquarium, too. It's a lot different from the Monterey Bay one, but its purpose is different, so it ought to be.

Shark. Mark.

Me with a leafy sea dragon.

Mark likes giraffes. They're tall and skinny. He says that's not the only reason. But if other Gritters like them, too, well.

Mark had to get this picture: "Look, Marissa, it's paler than you are!" He said the same of the white alligator, but that was not in such a clear picture-taking sort of place.

Of course we had to climb the hill to see the otters. My dad loves otters. This otter was playing otter tag with us -- we'd go to one window to see him, and he'd go to the one we were just at.

Finally he got up on his log so that we could see him well.

The last thing I wanted a picture of was the old zoo entrance, the one I remember from when I was a kid. Before it was all that.

(My mom hates it when I sit like that. Sorry, Mom -- didn't want to go back and re-take the picture, but I thought at least I could record your opposition here.)

Going to the airport in Daddy's new Volvo. He really likes this car. Although not so much taking us to the airport in it.

We got home safely, with much to do. So that's the end of that.