My folks don't have a dog any more. Or maybe it's "my folks don't have a dog again yet." I don't know. I don't have a dog again yet, anyway, and I miss Booboo desperately. I miss fur. So do Mother and Daddy, so they made friends with the neighbor dog, Chipper.

Chipper really, really likes my mother.

But he'll play with just about anybody. So I petted him, and then we rolled around in the grass and played for awhile, and then I petted him some more.

We generally consider rolling around in the grass with dogs an adequate preparation for going out to a nice dinner and a play. It was my grandparents' 51st anniversary on Monday, so we went for Italian and then to "Sugarbabies," an old-time burlesque show, and then for Ashby's ice cream, which is new and good.

I still don't understand what the difference is between a dirty joke and a bawdy joke, but I can live with not knowing.

Mark and me with the G-people. (We started calling them that because Booboo kept figuring out who we meant and getting all excited at their names. She got excited at this one, too, but not before it stuck.) This dress, by the way, is one that Grandma bought me in Hawaii. She likes it much better than my pareo. It's a nice dress.

Mother and Dad with the G-people. This is at Grandma and Grandpa's house, by the way.

When we got to the Playhouse, there was another Doe statue, and it was kind of cool. So we took more pictures:

Me and Mark with "Opening Night."

Grandpa and Grandma with "Opening Night."

There was lots of tap dancing. But not by any of us.

The next day....