We had heard that the Hidden Falls Park was good, and we were of the impression that there were actually falls hidden somewhere in it. We've got independent confirmation of this from two sources now, but you couldn't prove it by me or Kev. Still, it was a nice park.

(I mostly have the camera. So you mostly get pictures of Kev. Either sorry or you're welcome, depending on how you feel about that.)

And we walked along here and it was nice but no falls.

The only body of water we saw feeding into the Mississippi from this park. Still no falls.

I dunno...I trust Cal and David. I do. But I would have liked to have seen some falls.

Kev left proof that he had been in our house....

Roo and his auntie Eleanor. Roo has borrowed my new hat.

Now he has added Elle's flipflops to complete the ensemble. Magnifique!

I got out our other hats for Roo to play with, and other grown-ups put them on for his entertainment, including Stella. He was showing off his vocabulary that night. He's such a neat little guy.

The next day, Mark and I left for Marte's wedding....