Before Kev came up, I made him read Emma Bull's War for the Oaks in preparation. So then we had to see several important spots from it. The Falls were on the previous page, of course.

This was as wild as I'd seen the sunken garden. I wonder if it was a different gardener or what.

The Kev Among the Roses.

Probably not going to become a classic title. Ah well.

One of the things I like about the Como Conservatory is that it has a good balance of familiarity and change. The sunken garden is always different. The palm room is always the same, more or less, within a few details. Some of each is nice.

Outside is the Japanese Garden. One doesn't always get to enjoy it when the Conservatory is most enjoyable. One enjoys being a Minnesotan enough that this is not too big a problem.

The island resonated with the Kev.

Then, inspired by a different Scribblie entirely, we went to Lock and Dam Number One on the Mississippi. (I spotted Lock and Dam Number Two exactly a week later when we picked Michelle and Scott up from Michelle's folks' house in Hastings.)

The River was high. I think this is usually a much firmer island.

I hear there are swallows around here. I saw none, but dragonflies there were plenty.

A boat was obliging enough to need to be lifted up the lock while we were there, so we got to watch that. It fills quickly, that lock.

Still more Kev visit, plus some Roo pics.