For once we underestimated Minneapolis traffic -- in previous visits it's been the reverse. But we made it down to Heathah and Dave's eventually, and then we went out for dinner.

Heathah and Miss Siri enjoyed our company, from the looks of it. (Miss Siri was drawing me on the table paper. The salient feature of Mrissas, we learned, is long, long hair. She drew my hair so that it would have gone several yards past my feet. Okay.

He's looking...he's thinking about it...yes, ladies and gentlemen, Gavin is about to fling the fork. Fling the fork, we learned, is a great game. So is fling the knife. Fling the plate was not nearly so much fun, as he only got to do it once and then the waitress took the plate fragments away. Notice, also, that Dave is poised to retrieve the flung fork. He knows his place in life, that one.

Later in the trip, we went to Aunt Ellen and Uncle Phil's. And more cuteness ensued:

That's Matt, me, and Rebecca. Matt and Rebecca are Aunt Ellen and Uncle Phil's "real" grandchildren (their "fake" grandkid would be me). They're my dad's cousin Janet's kids. Very cool. They drew me all kinds of rocketships and robots and hairstyles.

We are fun cousins. You can just tell.

And here's me with Uncle Phil and Aunt Ellen. We're fun, too. I promise.

Here's me and C.J. at Timprov's folks' house the night before we left.

You know, I'm glad I took these pictures, but...I wanna go home. In case that wasn't clear to any of you. I really, really, really wanna go home.

That is all.