We went out for brunch with Beth and her Josh, then hung around at Michelle's working and playing computer games (guess which of us was doing which?) and unpacking (Michelle) and putting together Michelle's bookcase (Scott). We had contemplated going up to the Cryptological Museum with Aaron, but he discovered that it was closed, so we (logically) stayed home. That is, I think that's what happened. I got kind of caught up in line edits and am not entirely sure.

In any case, I know that we ended up driving straight through the city accidentally ("Look, kids....") and got up to Maryland, where Lars was getting married to Krissy. I didn't take very many pictures of the two of them, because I remember how many times I was instructed to smile, and how exhausted I was by the end of the day.

The ceremony was lovely, and we threw rose petals.



Then we drove to the reception ("Look, kids...."), which was all swanky and nice and featured a DJ who knew that we were not there to see him, go figure.

Lars and Krissy danced.

Lars sat on the dais, looking groomly and contemplative.

Marty (boy, of course) was at our table. He had a Cheerios car. It was fabulous. As I'm sure you can see.

Aaron did not want to have his picture taken. He does not respond well to coaxing. Mark had to just do it. Please note the bright orange girly-drink. There was much drinking of the bright orange girly-drink, which was Dreamsicle flavored, with and without rum. It disturbed me a lot less than the other drink my friends drink.

"Jen," I said, "scootch over by your husband so that I can take your picture." "I'm always by him in pictures," said Jen. "Well, find somebody else to get your picture with if you want to," I said. "That's okay," she said. "I'll just make it a little different." And she did.

Just Em.

Josh and Micki. Who also want to move back to Civilization. Josh and Rob were groomsmen, so they couldn't stay long at the party on Saturday night and thus didn't get their pictures taken there.

Rob did not wear the hat for the ceremony. Nor the tennis shoes (not pictured).

Marte and Amber.

Tennille and Matt.

Here you can see what else my friends were drinking, right there in Rachel's hand. It's a gin and tonic. Alternately, they could have gone outside and licked pine trees. Gin and tonic is not a fit beverage for human consumption. Douglas Adams notwithstanding.

Vanya and Marty. Note the return of the orange girly-drink. Whew.

Scott and Michelle.

Mark and me. (Well, really me and Mark, but you could have guessed.)

Ed instructed me in getting an optimal Rica picture. It involved waiting until someone was clever and made her laugh.

(We feared it would be a long wait.)

And here we all are. In case you can't piece it together from the other photos, the two kneelers in the front are Amber and Matt. Then we have, left to right, Josh, Scott and Michelle, Marty, Rob, Erica, Em, Ed, Mark and me (with Aaron's spectacle peeking out from behind my head, I believe -- I told you he was being skittish about pictures), Jen, Krissy, Lars, Yore, Marte, Rachel, Nellie, Ben, Vanya, Beth, and Erica's husband Dan. It's a good group. Interesting to be around. I already miss them again. I don't know whose turn it is to get married next year, but the Rica swears that if nobody does, we're just having a great big party anyway. Fine by me.

I hear tell there are pictures of me doing the twist with Scott. (Note spelling, Aaron, if you're reading this. T-w-i-s-t.) If anyone who reads this has one of those, I would love to get my hands on it, either to spread it far and wide, or to destroy it, depending.

I'm done now.

Oh, but Scott took some pictures, in case you want to look at those.