All four of us started Saturday in Mill Valley at Timprov's aunt and uncle's for brunch. Yum. They directed us to the top of Mt. Tam, as they live in the area and are fond of visiting the local parks.

You could see all down the Bay and the Peninsula from the top of Mt. Tam.

We were taken by the glossy brightness of this bark. As on Mt. Diablo, the plant life varied around the loop trail at the summit.

Quite different from Mt. Diablo. Better in some ways and worse in others. Just different, mostly. We're hoping to go back and do some of the lower trails.

So after that we drove down to Sausalito and decided to take pity on my quite pained feet. We went to the Bay Model instead. Always neat.

C.J. with the Bay Model. After that was a lovely bookstore and Fukusuke and many other happy things.

On Sunday, Mark and C.J. and I went to the Tech Museum of Innovation. It would have been more fun with a little one, but we don't have one of those handy, so we made do.

Here they are with the kinetic sculpture, which was much fun. And much less annoying than the ones in the airport, which make noise and are unavoidable. I'm still kind of cranky about the airport, though, since I had to feed C.J. to it.

Monday, Ceej and I went down to Monterey.