More Christmas Eve:

With my side of our family, the two youngest people present pass out the packages; in this case, that was me and Mark. I nudged one of my packages and determined that it was heavy, so I left it to last and said to Mark, imperiously, "Her Christmasness would prefer having her last package delivered to her chair." This made the old folks laugh. So when I got rosette irons, I decided that the snowflake version was Her Christmasness' scepter.

I also got krumkake irons. It was a good year for ethnic baking implements.

Grandma's new sweater fit.

Mark got stuff with my favorite paper.

The theme of this box, with three items wrapped together, was staying warm. The plaid thing is a nightgown. Note particularly the adorable new hat, adored by everyone, as opposed to my last hat, which was adored by only me. Sigh. But it really was cute. But this one really is cuter.

Mark got new toys....

Note the charming headband on my grandpa. He's carrying on a proud tradition started by his mother, my Gran: at nearly every family gathering where someone got presents, Gran ended up wearing at least one of the ribbons on her head.

Aunt Mary does a punny calendar each year. This year the theme is cinematic aquatic animal puns. The page I'm looking at in this picture is "High Loon." January's is "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Squid." Just call it a Lingen Thing, I guess.