Remember how I said one family member was spoiled and got two stockings?

That would be Mark. Most of the rest of us had overflowing stockings, so it's not like he was alone in being spoiled.

My daddy got his first Grandpa Book. It's an otter sticker book. Daddy loves otters, and he's particularly fond of this sticker book because it teaches kids the difference between birds, not just "Lookee, birdeeeee!"

The next day when we went up to Aunt Ellen's, he brought it along to show off to her.

I'm not sure what Mom was describing here....

Cathy and I played dueling cameras.

And eventually Uncle Phil, experienced in the ways of grandpas, got to look at the nifty book, too. We didn't get to see the small cousins, because Matthew was a very sick kid for Christmas. I'm hoping he's better now, and I'd like to see them sometime soonish.

Then we went to have Christmas with Mark's side