Let Nothing You Dismay

5 December 2002

Good morning. I am once more up at what my mom alternately calls "o-dawn-o'clock" and "the dawn of crack." (Presumably because I would have to be on some to find it reasonable to get up at this hour.) It's all right, I decided I'm allowed.

The thing about keeping a journal is, there's all kinds of stuff that doesn't go into it. Which is usually fine. But lately it seems like all the interesting stuff is the stuff that doesn't go into the journal. There's all kinds of exciting potential around here, and I don't feel like I can tell you guys any of it. Not as journal-readers, that is; not en masse. I don't think that condition will last long. So just trust me: there are good things in the works for each of us here. I'll dish when I can.

So. Groceries and some work yesterday. It was good stuff. There'll be more of it today. Then Timprov and I went up to Berkeley and did Christmas shopping at The Other Change of Hobbit (but the Nice Mean Man wasn't working yesterday! sad sad), Games of Berkeley, and Comic Relief (but Alec wasn't working there at all because he moved! even sadder). I said to Timprov, "We are such a demographic." But everyone we bought for reads this journal, so I'm not telling you anything we bought. Had dinner with Zed at that other Long Life, the vegi place, not the noodle and jook place. I didn't fall in love with it the way I did the noodle and jook place, but it was still good stuff, and Zed proclaimed the tan tan noodles I ordered addictive. And they were. Cucumbery peanuty goodness.

Timprov and I found ourselves unable to refrain from Tintin jokes, though.

Yesterday Timprov's glasses finally gave up the ghost, which is possibly just as well: it gave him incentive to go get new glasses, for which he has had funds for months. Months. And they've been set aside as New Glasses Funds. But no new glasses. He's kind of been in a minimalist mode...anyway, now the new glasses are a requirement, so we'll go today. After I get back from lunch at David's, which will be after I take a work-related phone call.

Michelle has got the Barenaked Ladies/Sarah McLachlan version of "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" in my head. Silly Michelle.

I know I said there'd be more today, but I think I'm going to get to my chores and my Chinese work instead. Moles and trolls, moles and trolls....

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