In Which Our Heroine Doesn't Have To

4 December 2005

I don't have to do anything today.

This is not, of course, strictly true: I have to eat something for dinner, and I probably have to go to bed at some point. But beyond that? I will probably choose to do several things. But I don't have to.

I may, for example, choose to wrap some of the Christmas presents I bought Friday and Saturday. I may write more Christmas cards/letters (although that one isn't as likely, since I gracefully smacked my wrist into the doorframe trying to get up in the night without turning the lights on, and it hurts). I may make up the pepparkakor dough, since it's supposed to chill for several hours or, ideally, overnight, before anyone makes cookies out of it. I may call to schedule an appointment to get my back worked on. But I don't have to do any of that.

I will probably call my parents. I will probably check in with Ceej and see if his team won their volleyball tournament yesterday. I will probably finish reading Gemini. I will probably print out some fiction to send out when I go to the post office tomorrow. I will probably pay the bills that have arrived. Don't have to. Not today in specific. If it doesn't get done today, it will get done some other day, and the odds that the world will come to an end because I waited another day are remarkably low.

This feels sane. This feels like the sort of day I need just now: perhaps doing stuff, but not feeling constrained to do stuff. A day when stuff gets done, or not, and either way not too much fuss is made. There will be plenty of fuss left tomorrow. I don't need to replenish the supply today.

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