In Which Some of the Segues Work (But Most Don't)

2 December 2005

Well, and so. Ista has just been the sweetest puppy-girl over the last few days. I won't say she hasn't had any occasion to hear the dreaded n-word, but she is sometimes being snuggly and sometimes being the Silent Watch Poodle On The Heights on "her" new bench and generally behaving herself like the kind of beast we want to have around. Not that we didn't want to have her around before, but she's just nicer than she used to be.

This is not unexpected: poodles do not belong to a breed that often stays puppyish forever. Mostly poodles do grow up. They figure out that everybody is happier if they do certain things and refrain from certain others. They learn.

Mark's oral defense, I announce belatedly by the time I get around to posting this, went well. Yay! He isn't feeling very people-y, so no one should expect a big party in honor of this event. But it is indeed an event.

And he gets home tonight, and I will be very glad, and then he's home all next week, and I will be very glad. And they promise me less travel in '06, and (everybody now!) I will be very glad.

I have been useful in his absence, scheduling bits of this and that, and I will run errands and schedule more bits of this and that today before I pick him up at the airport. Christmas shopping, new dentist, voicemail, Leonard Bernstein. Umm. Sorry. I'm in that demographic where a list of stuff just randomly segues into REM from time to time. It's a more common affliction than one might think.

Jellybean boom.

I think the ideal Christmas paper would have the color of the sky the other night when it was snowing and the color of birches next to an oak with snow on its north side. That is my ideal Christmas paper. I have the feeling I will be settling for something with sparkly stars on it, which is fine, but night sky during snowfall makes something in my brain relax. The world is as it ought to be, when it snows at night and the sky turns that pale purple and there are snowy birches shining in the porchlight.

One of the nice things about having the doglet is when it snows in the night, the places she's been out playing get snowed over, so the yard is smoothed into a series of snow dimples. The shadows in them are good.

And speaking of shadows -- oh, I am The Clever with the segues! -- when Mark gets home, we can return to watching Season 2 Babylon 5, which means that Season 3 Babylon 5 is not too far behind. I imprinted hard on Season 3 Bab5. I'm looking forward to rewatching it.

The problem with Muppet stamps (umm, perhaps you should forget the Clever segue bit) is that I hoard them. Specifically, I am hoarding the Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker stamp and the Swedish Chef stamp. Only specific instances of my friends, relations, and short story submissions deserve those. I'm willing to use Kermit T. Frog (Tiberius?) for many people, but not everyone is geeky enough to get Beaker or Scandoculinary enough to get the Chef. So I have stamp sheets with two stamps left on them in my purse, and I don't want to give one of the cool ones to the phone company. That's just not right. So it's off to the post office for me, I guess.

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