In Which We Got What We Were Looking For

27 November 2003

I was instructed to sleep in this morning, so that's what I'm doing. Err, sort of.

We have a Mark. We have Mother and Dad. And we have a little more snow. I didn't anticipate the snow, myself, but it started before Grandpa and I braved the airport to fetch Mark (uff da) and ended after we pulled most of the stuff out of the U-Haul. Which is now parked in the friendly neighbors' driveway, since the snow meant we couldn't park it on the street since they might need to plow, and our driveway is too steep to park a U-Haul comfortably in the snow overnight, even with blocks.

We also, surprisingly enough, have a three-car garage. Two doors. Three cars. We're talented that way, apparently.

And we have a functional toilet.

And we have cinnamon rolls for when I get down there, and we have pecan pies (two) and peach pie (one), and soon we will have pear custard torte and pumpkin bread. We are going with the p's on earth theme, apparently. It'll be tasty. In fact, I'm getting pretty hungry just now.

Don't give maudlin speeches today, people. Don't spend an hour detailing how you're thankful for your silverware and your bunny slippers. Do it quietly and with maybe some hugs to the people around you.

I really am thankful for the cinnamon rolls, though. Time to sneak downstairs.

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