In Which Our Heroine and Her Pup Disagree on Excitement

23 November 2005

We are preparing to be very quietly thankful here. Better not to travel or have weekend visitors while Mark is getting ready for a couple of large-ish things next week. We'll keep the thanking low-key for now.

The dog is having a very exciting day. I mean, other than the ways in which it's generally exciting to be the dog. So far today I have sorted dirty laundry, folded clean laundry, and vacuumed, and those are her top three household chores ever. (In order. Sorting dirty laundry is heaven for her. Melvin the Laundry Monster is my dog's best friend, I'm pretty sure.)

You may have noticed that an exciting day for the dog and an exciting day for her monkeys is not the same thing. I had actually noticed that myself.

I'm having great difficulty convincing myself that today is not Saturday. I don't know why my brain thinks this is a Saturday sort of day, but it does. I keep looking at my to do list and thinking of what I'm not going to get done today, so I should just move it to next week's list. (My lists go from Sunday through Saturday.) And I am going to try to relax and not do some of the stuff I could do, but really, waiting to wash light-colored clothes until Sunday is not my best strategy, I don't think. It's certainly not what one would call necessary.

I'm just done with Elizabeth Willey's The Well-Favored Man and now reading Madeleine E. Robins's Point of Honour. The former reminded me of early Amber books, which should indicate what I read the Amber books for; the I think it draws on too many things to remind me of any one of them in specific. There's a lot going on in this book, really, and the question of what genre it falls into is certainly an entertaining one in itself.

My plans for the holiday weekend involve lots of reading and lots of DVDs. And maybe some time with friends, and our new library furniture is supposed to arrive on Saturday. Still: mostly time for other people's stories. And I'm very thankful for that.

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