In Which Today Can Wait for Tomorrow

14 November 2003

Friday, right? Friday. Yes. All right then. And not Friday in December, which means I don't get to read The Whim of the Dragon next. Curses. But I'm so glad that the Pamela and the Sharyn have it coming out next month instead of, say, next year. If it was next year, I would be tearing my hair out. (This is the sequel to The Hidden Land, which I finished reading last night before bed and really loved.)

I was going to write something this morning, but it doesn't really matter what it was, because our ETK (Estimated Time of Kari) is in maybe twenty minutes. Last night's major event was a visit to a funeral home up in Fridley to support a friend, and while I have plenty of things to say about funeral homes and, less journal-istically, about grief and shock, now really doesn't seem like the time. Today will be time with Kars and Jake, then dinner, then the Pamela Dean reading, then most likely coffee. And I will tell you about today tomorrow. Or perhaps the next day.

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