In Which Our Heroine Prepares to Leave

11 November 2004

Tomorrow Mark and I are leaving in the midday to visit my folks and grands down in Omaha. Don't expect another journal entry until Monday morning. E-mail will be available but sporadic: I'll check it, but if my parents are awake, I won't be spending a lot of time on the computer unless it's something really vital. Timprov will still be here and will know how to reach us if there's something really urgent.

Had a nice lunch with Eric, Sonia, and Sean. Sean is such a lovey. (Not that there is anything wrong with Eric or Sonia, but if they babbled and tried to push their forehead into my knee or grab my necklace, I would not take as well.) Baby time for me.

I'm in the middle of reading Lawrence Block's The Burglar on the Prowl, and I'm enjoying it well enough, but it just isn't clicking with me right away. I can't tell whether it's the book or me, though.

As I said to Lydy earlier today, we never observed Armistice Day at my schools when I was a kid. We always observed Veterans' Day. And as much as I'm for movable holidays (preferably movable to days when vacation time is useful), I'm with Kurt Vonnegut on this one: I think Armistice Day is worth observing. I think Veterans' Day is a different holiday completely and one that probably deserves note, but the end of the War To End Wars is a day that should be marked, and not ironically, either, or at least not always ironically.

I'd better do some moderately useful things before we leave. So it's time for one or two of those, then.

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