In Which Our Heroine Feels Much Better (At Least For Now)

2 November 2004

It's so strange to live in a community where most people are eligible to vote. In our apartment complex in Hayward, we had so many recent immigrants that we pretty much had the franchise for the entire building. It's not bad-strange or good-strange; living among immigrants had its drawbacks and benefits. But it's definitely strange.

In case anybody wondered, yes, I'm going to vote today. I've researched the judicial challengers and the city charter proposal and all the other little crap that makes a society go. As nice as our neighbors are, I don't really feel comfortable letting them speak for me. Half the people I read online are now encouraging you to vote. I'm going to disagree with them: if you don't feel inclined to voting right now, please don't. Let someone who actually has an opinion make the decisions. Do not do it because it's cool. Do it because you care about the outcome or not at all.

Not only do I feel better after my chiropractor's appointment yesterday, I have my hand strength back. The back goes and affects everything, I'm afraid. I couldn't get my bottle of iron supplements open at all yesterday morning, and yesterday afternoon I opened it without any effort.

Also, the optometrist agreed with me that my contacts could and should be better, so he ordered me new ones, and we'll switch later this week or next.

Worked on Thermionic Night edits and "Swimming Back from Hell by Moonlight" and other things around here. Book book.

Went to Green Mill for dinner. Mmmmmmmm, Greeeeeeeen Mill. So many tomatoes. So much garlic. And the crust. Le sigh. It's too bad that we never want to wait for a deep-dish at the one in Albert Lea, on the way to my folks' house, because their deep-dish is extremely fine.

What I said to David (the one in California) yesterday on e-mail was, "I can't wait for tomorrow to be over, no matter how many days it takes." I still feel that way now that it's today. So I'm going to vote at some point, early or late, and I'm going up to the city for lunch, and I'm going to work on edits to Thermionic Night some more, and I'm going to drink hot beverages, and I'm going to send out a bunch of submissions. And I may go to an election day party. We shall see. But mostly I will be doing non-election-related things and waiting and hoping and trying not to think about it too much.

This is the problem with an election day party, I fear: I have never before paid attention to the results as they come in. I don't think I want to do so now. I might want to hang out with people, though; it's a good opportunity to do so. Well, flexibility is our middle name, although it's not usually abbreviated with a K.

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