In Which It Continues

30 October 2004

I couldn't get in at the chiropractor's yesterday, so I got a massage. Which helped with the back pain (allowed me to fetch Mark from the airport last night and so on), but did not in fact fix the vertebra that has popped itself out of alignment again. My advice to you all is, no matter how much fun you think it will be, do not get in a car accident. It is a bad idea.

Anyway, something is clearly quite wrong in my back yet, and I will be trying to get an appointment at the chiropractor's Monday morning or late afternoon, because Monday early afternoon is my optometrist's appointment, where I will have to tell him that these contacts are not right. At the fitting appointment Monday, he could hold lenses in front of my eyes that would make them right. Which means my vision is correctible to that point. Which means it should be corrected to that point, so there you have that, and I hope it doesn't take too much longer, because this annoys.

Mark is home, at least, and that's a good thing. I'm reading three different books at once (the Cathar thing, Moonwise, and The Afternoon Tea Book borrowed from Pamela) and working on Thermionic Night revisions and writing "Swimming Back from Hell by Moonlight" and doing laundry and baking things and generally not letting the grass grow under me, but also trying to limit computer time to "Swimming" and a few e-mails and things that absolutely can't be done any other way. (Like reserving library books.) There will be a need for groceries soon. And I have just had an absolutely beautiful inspiration for Christmas cookies my mom can have with her nut allergy! Ohhh. It's going to be good, I think. I'll have to do a trial run just to make sure. Wouldn't want any substandard cookies slipping through. That would be just too horrible.

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