In Which Every Book Is Different! Yay!

28 October 2004

This year's World Series was the opposite of most recent years': I was going to be moderately happy whoever won. So, okay then!

I finished reading The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourteenth Annual, and enjoyed several of the stories, and hurray. I had awesome pumpkin soup. I worked on Thermionic Night.

The thing about this book is that I'm performing operations on it I've never had to perform on a book before. I'm merging chapters 14 and 16, and chapters 15 and 17. This is a perfectly reasonable thing, with the alternating POV structure and all. It's just not something I've had to do before. Every book is its own thing, I guess. Every book has needs. Every book feels different.

I'm starting to feel out Thermionic Night and Sampo as different. I've said before that I don't want to do the same thing with a book twice, and that certainly includes books in the same series -- possibly more so with books in the same series than with unrelated books. But this, this started out as the same book, as one big volume, and I think it isn't going to be for reasons other than length constraints. I think they're going to be doing different things, and not just the same thing in two volumes. This makes me happy.

There's a lot of good stuff yet to do with this book, and then it will be better, and I will be still happier. Book book book, book book book book. This is not the literate-chicken kind of "book"ing. It's like Karina's Boxes song, only with books instead of boxes.

I'm reading Greer Ilene Gilman's Moonwise now. And that is what I know.

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