In Which Some Things, At Least, Leave the List

26 October 2005

Heathah came by and brought lunch today, and Ista felt sure that Heathah would be a softer touch than the mean mean monkey she lives with. So she made extra-cute faces and sat nicely and so on. She is making up for it now that Heathah has gone by trotting around doing whatever bratty things she can think of. Isn't that the way of it.

I have an archive copy of Thermionic Night printed out now, which I think completes my TN-related tasks for the time being. Now I can ignore it until it gets accepted or rejected-again. This is a fine feeling, although having Sampo on my desk to continue poking means that this secret history and these characters are not out of my head yet. I haven't settled into working long and hard on anything new yet -- bits and pieces of several things -- we'll see how that settles. I really need to do something new soon, before I go entirely insane. But I also need to get Sampo stuff off my list before ditto. So far I have managed to maintain this balance. Sort of.

This fatigue thing: it turns out to matter a bit, from time to time.

I didn't intend to reread The Phoenix Guards next -- I didn't even intend it to be the next Brust book I reread, much less the next book I read -- but it just sort of happened. It fell on me. Oops. Enjoying it, though, of course; it's been years since I reread this one.

Must see to the mischievous pup, and then I need more sleep. Again. Still.


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