In Which the Adventure Continues

21 October 2004

Do I have any new perpsective for you on the Sox victory over the Yankees? In fact, I do not. But it made me happy anyway.

I finally made the squash soup yesterday, which removed six pounds of squash, three onions, and a container of crème fraîche from my fridge and replaced it with only a container of squash soup (the other two containers of squash soup went down to the freezer). This is what we call progress. I also made two loaves of apple-pecan bread and could not see so much as a dent in the apple supply. I used up the white flour, so I couldn't go on to make the double-batch of apple-hazelnut or the double-batch of plain apple, both of which are on the planned list. And after that there still may be apples enough for epplepai, apple cake, baked apples, more apple crisp, apples to dip in caramel, apples to eat...what I'm saying is, we have apples. It's a good thing I like apples, because we've got 'em.

I got a Finnish-English/English-Finnish Dictionary from The Other Mark and Laura (and, I suppose, Reid) yesterday, which probably will be my last birthday present of the year. I also got Waterman ink from Karalee. Very nifty mail day! Would have been even niftier if I'd gotten a couple of acceptances or even a rejection or two, but what can you do?

I finished reading The Game of Kings last night and read Scientific American while I decide whether I want to go back to The White Death or read something else entirely. I didn't want to read it when I was drafting the end of Sampo, because it felt like it would be too much of the same focus, and I'm afraid it's going to be like that now, too. I don't want my days to be all Finland, all the time. And even with Zodiac House and "Swimming Back..." in the mornings, I think it could easily be like that. I have a copy of F&SF to read while I further postpone the decision.

Several of the chapters in Thermionic Night need to be switched around. I have two POV characters, and I added a new chapter 2, which was needed, but it made the previous chapter 2 into chapter 4, so then chapters 5 and 6 had to be switched, and chapters 7 and 8. At some point there will be a new odd-numbered chapter (Edward's POV), and I even know what will go in it. I just don't know what number it will be. I've never had this before, moving big chunks of text around. I've cut big chunks of text and added big chunks of text, but they've always gone where they've gone before. Ahh, revisions. Every day an adventure.

Today's adventure will involve taking the book out of the house. It's never been on an outing before. How very thrilling for both of us.

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