In Which--No, I Told You, There's No Mike Here

20 October 2004

We've gotten cell phone calls in the wee hours of the morning two nights/mornings in a row now. We've been getting all kinds of calls for Mike, and Mike's friends are persistent. "Maybe you accidentally switched phones with Mike?" No. No, in fact, I did not. "But I reached him on this number before! Like, two weeks ago." No, this has been my number for a year now, and while a Mike has come over to visit, he has not received calls here, and certainly not on the cell phone. "Is this Megan?" No! When someone says you have the wrong number, you do not try to tell her that she has the wrong number. You may verify what number you dialed. Otherwise you go about your business with an apology. Honestly. White Bear Lake people.

(Okay, so I don't know for sure that they're from WBL. But north suburbs numbers, cheerful determined cluelessness...well. The signs seem clear.)

The birches that were perfectly golden last time Timprov and I walked down by the nearest lake were perfectly bare today in the late-morning. Gorgeous. I confess to scuffing my feet in the leaves.

That's not all I'm thinking about lately. It's not even most of what I'm thinking about lately. But otherwise I'm thinking about Thermionic Night and Sampo, Zodiac House, "Swimming Back from Hell by Moonlight," Dorothy Dunnett's The Game of Kings, and a bunch of other stuff that is not "mine" or not solely "mine" to talk about. If you think you should know what's going on and you don't, please e-mail. For the rest of you, rest assured that nothing catastrophic is going on here. It's just that getting some of the good things to happen is a bit more involved than it could be in an ideal world.

(And no, it has nothing to do with a baby. I'm at That Age where someone will assume that everything I don't want to talk about means that I'm pregnant or trying to be. Those of you who assume that should please cut it out. Women in their mid-twenties have been known to do other things, from time to time. Even settled, married women who enjoy kid time now and again.)

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