Getting Better All the Time

20 October 2001

I'm doing better now. Really I am. Not "well," but definitely better. I rigged up this four-pillow arrangement so that I could sleep lounging rather than lying flat, which drastically cut the amount of coughing I had to do in the night. All for the best. I have some voice, and I think I might even put clothes on and contacts in today.


I haven't gotten any rejections this week. None since a week ago yesterday. This is not unheard of, but it is a bit...well...baffling, I guess. But yesterday I got the check for my Analog sale (woohoo!) and a postcard from the editor at Skirt! saying that she'd lost my e-mail and could I please send a brief bio ASAP for the November issue. Which would imply to me that she's going to run my essay in the November issue, unless she just felt like telling people I was an interesting person. So that's good, too. (I'm not assuming it's sold for sure until I see the whites of her contracts. But still.)

Had two adventures yesterday morning -- Timprov was asleep and Mark was at work, and the screw on one side of my glasses came out, so the lens popped out, and I had to find the right screw in our glasses-fixing kit and fix it myself, blind. And then someone called and started babbling at me in French. And I managed to summon up French enough, early in the morning, to ask them who they were looking for. Woo. Last night something called and beeped at our phone. I had been dreaming that Timprov and Mark and I were on our way to Aunt Ellen and Uncle Phil's, and that we'd stopped off to meet C.J. for ice cream at Bridgeman's on the way. And some yahoo (to use a Gloriaism) called and interrupted that dream. Miff. Hey, am I wrong to think that you're not supposed to call people at home between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m.? I mean, if it's your friend and you know they stay up late or get up early, sure, but in general, not supposed to? Is this just my mom's rule, or do other people have it, too?

Anyway. Well. The cold medicine was messing with my brain, so I set aside James Morrow for awhile and started rereading The Mists of Avalon. An acquaintance of mine had borrowed it for two and a half years when we were in college (I kept asking for it back....), so the last two times I thought I might reread it and see if it's any good, I couldn't. So now...well, I like some of the Darkover books better, but I'm going to keep reading it until I'm done. And it's rather long, so that'll take awhile.

Two more things: one is, Timprov didn't put Cal's birthday on the calendar, so I didn't know it was his birthday yesterday until Timprov got up and said, "I'm going to call my dad for his birthday." So. Happy birthday, Cal! He's adopting the Lingen celebration method and stretching his birthday days out into November. More power to him. May the Lingen method spread and prosper: it makes us happy.

And the other thing is -- when I made snitty comments about "Enterprise," I didn't mean to imply by them that previous Star Trek shows were all that and whatever side dish you please. I wasn't hearkening back to some golden age. I was just saying -- some of that stuff stank on ice. Here's hoping they get better.

As I am trying to do.

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