A Midwestern Sickie in King Arthur's Court

18 October 2001

Lots of people have been e-mailing me, "I hope you get better soon." This is very nice of them, but I'm not entirely sure how to respond. "Me, too!" is probably the most honest. So yeah, I'm still sick. Bleah.

Yesterday I broke down and watched "The Mists of Avalon" miniseries. I had taped it in July, because the only other person who wanted to watch it with me (Susan) couldn't just come down and watch it when it was on. Well, we hadn't gotten around to it and hadn't gotten around to it, and I finally decided that if I liked it, I could watch it again with Susan, and if not I could just send it home with her when I see her next, if she hasn't gotten around to watching it herself already.

It was okay. The casting of Arthur as a Bad Religious Art Jesus amused me a bit. He looked very, very much like the guy who played Jesus in the movie of "JC Superstar," so much so that I kept expecting Mordred to go up in the hills above Camelot and start singing, "My mind is clearer now. At last, all too well, I can see where we all soon will be...." That silliness aside, there were several relationships and reconciliations that only made sense because I'd read the book, lo, these many years ago. And the fact that Juliana Margulies still looked like her young self when she was supposed to have a full-grown son -- well. Some of the timing things were harder to take visually than they would have been in a written story. But it was still fun to watch.

And a few of the ads just killed me. I love that Whirlpool was trying to advertise itself as the floaty, hippie, pseudo-pagan washing machine. That was fabulous.

We watched "Enterprise" last night, too. Hoh. Hohhhh boy. That was so bad. So, so, so, so bad. Look! He's a guy! And he's pregnant! And he's not a chick! And he's pregnant! Ah, hahahaha...oh. No. And the fact that the engineer guy could survive comfortably in an environment where liquid water wasn't possible, just in his uniform. And the Klingon guy on the impregnating aliens' holodeck: "I can see my house from here." NO. No, no, no, no, no. Bad bad bad.

I'm reading Lisa Goldstein's Travellers in Magic (sic), and I'm amused: many of the female characters have names close to Lisa. And almost everybody is Jewish, whether it matters to the story or not. She seems to just be screaming, "I'm writing about meeeee!" Some of them are interesting stories about her, though, so it's not a total loss.

I noticed that while generally I'm telling my stories to a broader audience, occasionally there'll be a sentence that jumps out of nowhere as a comment to somebody specific -- usually an attack. This disturbs me a little, but I guess it's okay. I just fear someone I know rocking back in his seat thinking, "Whoa, was that at me?" Or in some cases, I fear that they won't. Either case.

So. I'm trying to figure out what today is going to look like. I think Gin Blossoms and Lisa Goldstein for awhile, then I don't know. I might totally revert to little kid mode and make ice cream soup and watch "The Princess Bride." That sounds really appealing, actually.

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