In Which Our Heroine Fusses Over a Small Bit of Plastic

13 October 2004

Yesterday was utterly satisfactory in most regards, except that I lost my left contact. Frustration. We have vision insurance, and it was probably time for me to get a new one anyway, but still: grrr. I had plugged the sink and done everything one's supposed to do, but it flipped off my fingers and away somewhere, and going over every inch of myself and the bathroom did not help. So I guess I'm going in to the eye doctor Monday afternoon, and we'll see how fast they can get my contacts after that.

Silly little bit of plastic.

I've never lost one before without medical incident. My first two pairs were replaced in due time, and then I lost half of the third pair when I fainted once at college, and it had to be replaced. And then the other half shattered when I dropped it and it hit the sink, due to extreme old age. Which is really not all that many pairs of contacts to have had over the last fourteen years. Ah well.

Last night we watched an eeeeevil universe episode of ST:DS9, so then there was nothing for it but to watch the Futurama episode of the same theme. Parallel universes episodes, oh, how they stink. Unless they're funny. Is that a law of nature? I think it might be.

Anyway, I read a bunch more of Leah's book, and it's a hard book to read with the NHL on lockout, but worth it, definitely worth it. I'm also getting to the good bits of The Lost Steersman, which I believe to be superior to The Steerswoman's Road in just about every way. And I liked The Steerswoman's Road. And Stella swears that the last one is even better. Rah. We are big fans of even better.

Going to read more, and have coffee with Dena, and make soup, and mop the floors, and whatever else occurs to me, I'll do that, too. Okay? Okay.

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