In Which the Acclaim Is Not For Our Heroine

6 October 2004

Remember what I said about central facts yesterday? Yep. That.

The Steerswoman's Road is good so far, but I may fall short of giving it back to Stella this afternoon. It's okay; somehow I feel in my bones that I will see her again someday. The big problem I'm having with The Steerswoman's Road right now is that it was originally two books mashed together, and the second one is beginning in a way that seems to have wandered off a bit. It probably wouldn't have struck me at all if I'd read the books in two different volumes. I'm glad Stella lent me the whole series at once, though, so I can just make a go of it. What I like about these books is that the central character is keen on figuring things out, and not just one thing but the whole universe of things. I like characters like that.

There are geese outside, flying over our house. I hate geese up close, but flying far overhead is not bad.

My mom got re-elected to her Board position, by what my dad describes as unanimous acclaim. Go Mom! So she'll be around to keep those folks in line for another three years, and I'll have another three years of telling people that my mom runs a religion without having to describe her as an eminence grise. She was too busy with her glamorous Board activities to talk to me about it last night, so I'll have to try again this evening. (Glamour highlights: riding back to Omaha from Fargo in the middle of the night in another Board member's car. That's the kind of perqs the movers and shakers get in this denomination. Oh, the greed; oh, the corruption. What a shame that they are too focused on their image in the tabloids and not focused enough on their principles. Oh wait....)

Back to the book. Upon spotting a chapter I hadn't started yet in yesterday's list, The Other Mark offered to begin it for me with, "It was." Timprov counter-suggests, "It wasn't." And me, I'm still pondering, so the tally remains....

Sampo countdown:
Chapters begun but not yet finished:
Chapters not yet begun: one.

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