In Which The Book Remains Central

5 October 2004

Guess what I did yesterday? Yep. I worked on the book. Big surprise. Guess what I'm going to do today? Oh, you guys are too good at this.

I also finished The Best American Science Writing 2003, which had some really good spots but also some fairly obvious points where the editor's personal buttons had been pushed (the editor was Oliver Sacks, and I've read most of his books, so the buttons were easier to spot than usual). And I read William Sleator's Oddballs, which is stories about his family. I wonder how many people who otherwise have a good ear for story have a tin ear when it comes to their family. A big ol' family blind spot. Because...yeah. Trying to be a lighthearted set of tales about a loving but wacky family, but they didn't seem all that wacky to me, and the "but my sibling is really a nice person" stuff just made me roll my eyes. Anyway, now I'm reading Stella's copy of The Steerswoman's Road, when I take my reading breaks.

I went to the library and the PO yesterday. I made dinner (okay, Kraft dinner, but still). I did Pilates and went for a walk with Timprov and smelled the autumn. I watched an old episode of Futurama. I had lunch with Rachel. I started planning C.J.'s birthday dinner. In short, I made an extended, concerted effort to not just write the book, to not just scrinch up over the computer and write and write. But most of what I did yesterday was working on the book. It was the central fact of the day, and it'll be the central fact again today.

There will be other stuff. But mostly the book.

Sampo countdown:
Chapters begun but not yet finished: five.
Chapters not yet begun: one.

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