In Which This Is The Last Dispatch From California

3 October 2003

Everything is falling into place according to my nefarious scheme. Muwahaha. Muwaha.

So: we're pretty much out of boxes. That's one of the tasks for today (and another is determining how many to buy). We'll also be picking up the U-Haul. And we'll also be going to the bank and the notary public, because the closing documents did get FedEx'ed out yesterday afternoon. Yay!

Amber discovered she had to work tonight, so she came over in the late afternoon yesterday to bring us some going-away wine and hugs. Then we picked Mark up from work and went to the airport, where C.J.'s plane was supposed to be arriving early. Heh. They didn't let the passengers off until 45 minutes late. But our reservations at Bistro E. Europe (down on Mission in South San Francisco -- you really should go because it's awesome) were more a heads-up to Julia and Zdravko to stay open -- they weren't really stuck on when we arrived, and I had told Julia that we'd be getting someone from the airport. So it was fine. Better than fine, even. We got a lot of food (though not the mountain we got last time), and Julia was chatty, and even Zdravko was in a talkative mood: he took a shine to C.J. and talked his ear off. (Julia asked if Ceej was my brother and then looked surprised to hear that he is not.) They gave us a book one of their friends wrote and hugs on the way out the door and all.

This is it, folks. We'll probably throw some boxes on the truck today. We'll finish it all up tomorrow. We're really doing this. We get to go home.


I've heard people say that they'd passed the newlywed phase because they didn't miss their spousal unit when he/she was gone on a trip. Evidently after four years we're still newlyweds, because I'll miss Mark when he's not in Eagan over the next several weeks. But it won't be that long, and he'll visit at least twice, maybe more. So we'll get through that part.

I'm not sure what else to say here. I'll still have e-mail, and I really will appreciate hearing from people. I have no idea when we'll have everything set up so that I'm posting journal entries again. Sometime in the middle of the month. I'll have pictures and stories and all those good things. I'll see you then.

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