In Which Our Heroine Is a Grown-Up Tiassa

29 September 2003

A week from today, I will be heading towards Salt Lake City. Not usually a cause for thrills. Except that after that, I will be heading through Salt Lake City and right on past Salt Lake City, hopefully without the deer-related stoppages we had last time. And then I'll be heading towards Jen's. And Jen rocks. If we get to Fort Collins in time, we can hang out with Jen and meet her husband, because it is just plain wrong that I do not know this man and Jen is married to him. If we don't get in on time, we'll at least see Jen in the morning, a week from tomorrow. Woooo!

Today's thrilling plans involve a trip to the box store again, and also groceries, namely mushrooms and dishwasher soap. The essentials, you know. Also, I will be talking on the phone to several more people who would probably like to know my whereabouts -- the bank, for example, although they should know my whereabouts, as they're the ones who will own most of my house and also have been examining my bank statements in detail, along with every other aspect of my financial life. But whatever, I can make the calls.

I finished reading The Royal Changeling and liked it, although it wasn't at all the direction I'd have taken that book. Started The Lord of Castle Black, the latest of Steven Brust's homages to Alexandre Dumas. It's great fun so far. I was going to save it for the actual trip, but Timprov says we need to be able to play a game from in it, so I needed to have read at least half of it before we set out. Well, at that point, why continue to exercise willpower? So I'm enjoying it greatly already. Although there has been a bit that further confirmed that my Dragaeran house would be Tiassa:

"But in the old days, well, who was it to whom you turned for plans?"
"Who was it? Why, we had a Tiassa with us, and so felt no need to look further."
Piro sighed, as if he had been expecting no other answer but this.

Um, yes. "Tiassa dreams and plots are born." Definitely yes. And I've been using my Tiassa nature to the fullest lately.

I got our new cell phone number, and it begins with 612. I am unreasonably pleased to have a 612 phone number. Next thing you know, we'll be going out to DiNapoli's. Hee.

I also just got a call from our car people: the hubcap is in. So I'm going to add that to the day's thrilling errands. I'm trying to think of it as "one less thing to worry about later" rather than "one more thing to do." And it is convenient to have the car stuff out of the way if possible so that I can be home to receive FedEx'ed documents related to the loan.

I am such a grown-up lately. But I'm a grown-up who sits and giggles at Brust novels, so that can't be too bad, right?

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