In Which the Vehicle Gets More Attention Than the Journal

26 September 2003

Hey, l'shana tovah, people. I saw a really bad punny Rosh Hashanah card, and immediately started making a mental list of Jewish friends who would appreciate it. But I restrained myself, so be grateful.

This morning I'm taking the car in to be looked over, have the oil changed, brakes inspected, etc. Wooooohoo. I may also include other thrilling errands on my run down there, possibly even the D!M!Veeeeeee! Aww, yeah! Because the California DMV won't release our driving records to our new car insurance people. They will only release them to us, proper forms in hand and filled out. Or we could mail in the proper forms and wait for things to arrive in the mail. Because that's worked so well for us in the recent past. So. DMV for me.

Last night was not my best night ever. Everything felt pretty overwhelming, and it felt like we were doing a step back for every step forward. (Like with this DMV thing: we got the insurance set up, yay! Off the list! Oh, wait no, not off the list, off to the DMV!) I think it'll be okay, though. I can be organized and just keep taking care of stuff, and that's all that really needs doing, and it'll be fine. And I need to stop nominating myself Chief Officer in Charge Of Everything. Because other people can be in charge of some stuff, too.

We have an office color winner: Cobalt Stone. Woohoo, Cobalt Stone! It'll be nifty.

I finished Blood Music, and it was interesting, and I started Robert Charles Wilson's Darwinia, because evidently the theme of this section of the week is continents destroyed by bioagents. What a theme, what a theme.

Okay. Gotta go take the car in. Talk to you all later.

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