23 September 2002

Somewhere in this house, there is a really large yellowjacket or hornet. Somewhere in this room, probably. But as it has stopped furiously attacking the kitchen light fixture, buzzing as it bounces off, I cannot tell you where.

This does not make me happy.

I don't even know how we'd get a yellowjacket in the house anyway. And the only time I've ever been stung by a bee, it was because the bee flew into my hair, and when I put my hand in my own hair, I got stung.

I really think my hair should be a safe place.

Anyway...well, I'm listening for the yellowjacket (or hornet) and hoping that it found whatever gap it came in through and went out through it again, even though I doubt it, because the only hole in our window screen is maybe half the size of this yellowjacket, so I bet it came in through the door when I got the newspaper.

Hah. I have slammed the window shut, and the yellowjacket is now trapped between the screen and the window. I have triumphed over the yellowjacket. As long as we can keep the window shut, that is. And we have a screen door and two other screened windows in this general area, so really, I think we're good.

I am the mighty hunter-gatherer. Rrrrahhh. I have made sure that the yellowjacket will die of natural causes before stinging me. Hurrah.

I have also triumphed over the dishwasher (was full of clean dishes) and the hard-boiled eggs (used to have shells) this morning. So I guess I'm just an all-around household goddess. I don't want to clean the bathrooms and wash the floors and vacuum to demonstrate my further household goddessness today, but those things need doing, so, y'know.

I am assured by various and sundry sources of worry that I should stop worrying about them, they're fine, or that I should stop worrying about other people, because the other people are also known to be fine. Hmmm. Well, we'll give that a try. Not sure how well it'll work, though.

Heathah wins the Best Journal Reader award for today, I think, because she answers my questions. Now, granted, she doesn't always answer them on the day on which I ask them. Or in the month in which I ask them. But she answers them, and displays that she has, indeed, thought about what I was getting at. Woohoo! Go Heathah! All the rest of you, on the other hand....

Yeah, yeah, I know, you don't have to answer questions if you don't feel like it. But Heathah does.

Anyway. I don't want to be a household goddess at all today, because I just want to curl up in my chair and write. That's it. Maybe finish reading Kate Wilhelm's City of Cain, but otherwise, just write. And also write. And then after that, probably write. I will make myself do things like making lunch and doing yoga and other bodily demand activities. Chances are good that I will even bathe myself and speak civilly to the people around me. But really I just want to write.

Oh, you know how yesterday I was talking about not liking it when things I do sounded more arcane than they are? Yoga is definitely an exception to this. It amuses me greatly to have arcane names for things. "Return to mountain pose." Mountain pose! You know what that means? Stand up straight, feet together, arms at your sides. Like, the most totally neutral human posture: mountain pose! Hero's pose? Totally unheroic. But you have to feel great, because you're in hero's pose! Go you! (I'm thinking it's hero's pose and not Hero's pose, because a far as I know, Hero didn't do a lot of yoga. Not a very Greek-mathematician thing, yoga. But I only hear it said, I never see it written, so I don't know.) So sometimes nifty names are worth the arcaneness (arcanitude? It seems that arcana is the most closely associated noun, but it doesn't seem quite right).

Anyway...well, I think if I'm going to get anything besides writing done today, I'd better start on it now, while I can still muster the non-writing focus. Have a good Monday.

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