Chance Meeting on BART

20 September 2001

You're never going to guess who I saw on BART yesterday. I was coming back to Hayward from spending time in Oakland with David. Big celebrity. Known worldwide. Give up? It was God! Well, that's who he said he was, anyway. It was a crowded train, and a solid, middle-aged black lady had sat down next to this guy, who was sleeping. He woke up and blinked at her.

Guy: I'm God.
Lady: Which stop did you want to get off at, honey?
Guy: Embarcadero. [Note: The Embarcadero station isn't on the Richmond-Fremont line.]
Lady: Okay, what you want to do is get off at the next stop and get on the train on the opposite platform, the one that says "SF-Daly City."
Guy, poking his feet at the young woman in the opposite seat: I'm God.
Lady: You're welcome. And don't you be bothering that girl.
Guy, reaching down for his feet: I'm God -- look at my toes.
Lady: Oh, no. God won't be doing that to His creation.

The guy straightened up, with a startled look on his face, like, "Oh, I won't?" I want to be that lady when I grow up. That was the best response ever. We won't argue your divinity just now, we'll tend to your transportation needs.

So otherwise...well. I worked on the Not The Moose Book and on "Half Cover Price" yesterday. No editing yesterday. That will have to be different today, I'm afraid, but I just don't do well if I'm only editing and not writing anything new. It starts to look at lot more discouraging, for one thing. But Timprov had a suggestion I liked a lot for the beginning of The Grey Road, and I have more crits to read on that, from David. And of course I have to do my own edits on know, I'm seriously thinking of unchapterating the parts that I chapterated, and just sending it with section breaks. I'm just afraid that if I don't put chapters in, an editor will want to, and will put them in places I don't like. But I grow more and more willing to take that chance, I think. Terry Pratchett doesn't have chapters. And I would be content with a mere fraction of his market share.

For now.

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