In Which Competence Is Restored

16 September 2004

Hockey lockout: nooooooooo. Oh woe. Oh wailie wailie. Come back, hockey! Come back! I know I used to use you for your northern accents, your ice in an iceless time. But now I love you for your own sweet self! Please, hockey!


But in better news, the outdoors has reverted to its proper state, which is "place where we keep the coldness." It's not really cold out there -- it's warm enough that I'm wearing a tank top with my jeans -- but it's definitely cooling down, especially in the mornings when I go to get the paper. Which is how my brain thinks it should be; I expect to greet a substantial temperature drop out my front door. I can expect cooperation for most of the next, oh...eight months at least, maybe nine. Yay.

Also in good news, I feel competent working on Sampo again. Progress, progress, forward motion. Rah. I'm not sure how long it'll be until I finish it, but crossing chapters off the list is always a good thing. It's good when I get entangled in the book just by looking at the outline. I was just glancing at what I might think of doing today and ended up with 800 words.

Which is good for the book, of course, and bad for the journal. I'm not going on hiatus, exactly; I'm just warning you that I might not feel as journal-y as I often do. The things I usually find to ramble and rant about can be more easily set aside in the last few days. I'll probably be reading some shorter books, so I'll have something new to say instead of "more Mad Ship, only time to read 200 pages today." And I may just fall back into rant mood. I don't know. But I'm in the home stretch of a very long book, and Mark is in the middle of a bunch of deadlines, stress, and travel, and there's a lot to talk about, but most of it is not really in the "journal entry" category in my head.

So, yeah. Not a hiatus, but maybe shorter entries, maybe a day or two off. And maybe not. We'll just have to see.

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