Errands and Busy-ness

16 September 2002

Erica told me to think of her when I eat today, and so I'm munching on my Grape Nuts and thinking. I hope she and the rest of you who celebrate Yom Kippur are having a good one, in whatever sense you'd like your Yom Kippur to be good. (Is it a "Happy" holiday? It's hard to tell whether "Happy Yom Kippur!" sounds wrong because it's inappropriate or just because we don't hear much of it.)

I spent part of yesterday pondering whether the third section of the Not The Moose Book should take place in 1987 instead of 1997, but I think I've satisfied myself that '97 is a much cooler time to be a Finn. So. I don't have to edit all of that to remove the cell phones and e-mails. Which is good in itself. Sometimes it's good to question things and return to your initial position. Then you know it was a good place to be to begin with.

Comments about moving back to the Upper Midwest omitted here.

Timprov and I are getting groceries this morning, and then in the afternoon, we'll be getting copies of the stuff I need copied for my Chinese immigration book, picking up juice or Julii, and heading to the library. It's just part of my job, in some ways, doing library research. But there's a part of me that still sees it as a reward system. In grade school, I learned early that if I did things well enough and fast enough, they would let me go to the library. Because, of course, they didn't know what else to do with me. I knew that at the time, but it was never bothersome. It was just how things were.

The Twins clinched yesterday. Yay, playoffs!

I worked some on a short story last night, but I'm really not sure where I want it to go, so I put it aside and worked on the Not The Moose Book. Good stuff.

Timprov and I talked more about my journal redesign and also came up with some other cool image/design notions, some of which you might see. We both have things before it on our priority list, but it doesn't really count as "work," so we'll see when we can get that done.

I'm going up to Berkeley for the writers' group meeting tonight, so I have to get whatever work I'm going to do done in between errands. So I'm off to do that. Have a good day.

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