In Which Our Heroine Itches for More Boxes

15 September 2003

Yesterday, Bay Area microclimates bit me in the butt again. When we left Hayward, it was warm enough that we were reluctant to close the sliding glass door lest the air stop circulating and make the place unbearably hot when we got back. When I stepped out of the car in Berkeley, I was immediately and heartily sorry that I'd worn shorts and a T-shirt (that didn't even meet up in the middle!), when jeans and a jacket would clearly have been more appropriate. This hasn't happened since we lived in Concord, where it was routinely twenty degrees warmer than San Francisco, and even then it didn't happen often, because I was used to it being twenty degrees warmer than San Francisco.

Anyway, other than that little issue, we had a great evening, good food and good conversation, etc. And we'll see Wendy and Daniel at least once more before we go, possibly twice, and all is well.

Today is my unsocial day, but we need enough errands run that I can't make it my antisocial day. No holing up muttering about edits or "Even Without Deceit" -- at least, not until the errands have been run. I'm going to have to make myself a map, because there are enough non-standard errands on the agenda that I can't just make a usual swoop through. It's usual swoop plus amendments.

My rejections have started coming in, finally. I think what I'm seeing is post-WorldCon slush-reading parties at work. Anyway, it's nice not to be kept waiting, but I wish I could send out SASEs with the new address on them. But it's too soon for that, pretty clearly.

I'm in a fairly boring section of the Beard book: he's examining the economic interests of each of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention. Each one personally, in alphabetical order. Useful data, sure, but not the most scintillating of reading. I'm trying to find little bright spots in it, but I think I'm going to zip through this section with a bit less concentration than I otherwise might try to muster.

I have been packing book boxes in the morning the last few days. Smells like victory. Er, even without the mixed references, it seems to be a satisfying morning activity. But we are out of book-sized boxes. We only have boxes too big for packing full of books. I suppose I could poke around and pack other things that go in those sizes of box, but I'm not really sure where to start at this point. Some of the most obvious things to pack, we left off at Cal and Bobbie's last time around -- winter hats and gloves, for example, and a blow-dryer I never use, and an empty rosmaled tin.

I am strong, resourceful, and itching to pack. I will think of something. And I'll get more boxes soon. Today, even. It's a plan.

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