In Which Our Heroine Gets Around to More Pictures

14 September 2004

Today's request of female reader-people: please do your monthly breast self-exams. Please? If you don't know how, your doctor will show you, or you can watch the Komen Foundation's version here. It's important. The life you save may be my reader's.

And if I have to be a responsible adult and take care of myself, I don't see why you should be exempt.

Done with my yearly doctor stuff already. I really like 9:00 a.m. appointments. The rest of the day looks like such a relief when you've already been poked and prodded and all that stuff. Do some laundry, work on the book, wash the floors, go to the library? Whatever! Sure! By comparison, great!

And then, of course, I stopped writing journal entries and went off to do other things. Library. Bank. Etc. I've got the pictures from WorldCon and Em and Aaron's wedding ready to post, so I just have to throw text and html code at a couple of pages (they will be WorldCon and Em and Aaron's wedding). The only one that didn't fit was the only one I took at the Ren Fest, this:

Mostly Lydy, with Mark and David on the edges. The rest of what I have is wedding and con.

I've poked at Sampo and read more of Mad Ship, and despite not always being thrilled with it, the conceit is still very cool to me, the liveships, the sea serpents, the Rain Wild Traders. There are bits that drag me along despite myself.

I've also been working on my rock sprite story. I'm not clear whether it has to have the same title as the earrings or not. The earrings are called "'Oh, yeah?' said the rock sprite," and I'm not sure that's coming out as the title of this story. Although the rock sprite does make that very inquiry at two points, at least. Hmmm. A consultation may be needed on this point.

I'm not fascinating today. I've got pictures, and I'm working well on my book, and that's what I've got. It's better than some other days, some other things one could have. It will do nicely.

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