In Which Our Heroine Fights Off Nixon's Shoulders

14 September 2003

I need to stop waking up with moving details on my mind. I really, really do. And yet...well...there's a lot to think about. A lot to get done. My list for today is not that long: two reservations, a loaf of banana bread, some edits. A phone call, some pizza and gelato. But the list for next week...uff da mai. That's a list.

Three weeks from now, the moving truck will be loaded, the car will be packed, and the apartment will be bare of all but the last few necessities for Mark to live on. Three weeks from right this minute, we may very well have already left, two in one vehicle and one in the other, with Mark waving us along; we will already know whether the first stop is planned to be Davis or Truckee. All the books will be packed. All the dishes, all the clothes, all the knickknacks. In the past, we've been known to bundle clothing in sheets, murmuring, "Uncle Knickknack's winter wardrobe...Uncle Knickknack's summer wardrobe...Uncle Knickknack..." as we load them into the car or truck. I don't know that we'll have much in the way of sheets to pack in, since we have to leave some for Mark's use and have some to use upon arrival. So maybe no Addams Family jokes. Time will tell.

Four weeks from now, we'll be settling into our house, assuming everything goes reasonably well. Our house. Oof.

I finished A Wind in the Door (and Robert, I still think you're dead wrong about this book) and enjoyed it, and now it's sealed into book box #8. I started Charles Beard's An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States last evening. I think it'll be more of an historical curiosity for me than anything else: Beard had to rise above a lot of fairly junky sounding scholarship, but it seems like some of his main points (that the Founders were not pure as the driven snow, unconcerned with economic factors or political compromise in the writing of the Constitution) have been pretty well established by now and aren't particularly new or interesting.

I also worked a bit on Reprogramming edits after dinner. It's a bit slow and frustrating -- I think I'm not in a very good mood for it -- but I also think it's a good idea to get at least some of it done now or soon. So that's on the agenda for this afternoon or for after we get back from dinner this evening. Maybe I just need to listen to different music. I listened to a lot of Wallflowers when I was writing it, and I haven't really done that lately. One of the Wallflowers CDs is already in Minneapolis, but we still have two more here. That might work.

In the meantime, I'm going to read a bit more, pack a bit more, and try to keep my shoulders from looking like Richard Nixon's. They've been creeping up towards my ears when I don't think about it. This will not do.

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